• Aqua Bird Consulting

    5 solid years of providing our customers with expert level Microsoft .Net service. Friendly and Accessible to technology experts and business alike.

  • A Phone Call Away

    We are almost always available through Skype at the username AquaBirdConsulting. We'll answer all your questions through voice or screensharing sessions.

  • Enterprise Strong, Startup Agility

    We've worked with Enterprise partners and start ups, and both have never been happier with the AMAZING .Net Framework.

  • To The Cloud!

    We host our large projects exclusively on azure, but also have experience with other cloud providers like Amazon EC2. The best solution for businesses of any scale.

  • Collaboration == Awesome

    We love using distributed source control and exclusively use git as our weapon of choice. The best way to collaborate with team members and clients.

  • What's In Our Toolbox?

    We use only the latest technologies to deliver best of class solutions to our clients. We are constantly expanding our skills to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Aqua Bird Consulting aims to provide the best in Microsoft .Net C# consulting, with current skills in both Microsoft licensed technologies and Open Source frameworks. Have an amazing idea you want to get off the ground, or an exciting business that needs updating? We can match your ambitions with our experience.

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Quick Turnaround

We are best known for our productivity and quick prototyping skills. If you are in a time crunch, wait no longer. We've turned around projects in fractions of the time.

Best choice

We champion your projects like they were our own. We won't stop until WE are both satisfied with the result. Good enough is just not good enough.

Super Geeks

We breath, eat, and sleep in the tech world. From the valley to the corporate boardrooms. If there is a technology out there, we've heard about it.

Latest Works

Web Application

Fanaticall is an online network that brokers high-value consulting and mentoring relationships through paid phone calls.

E-commerce consulting

Relay Foods is an established grocery delivery business, and with the help of Aqua Bird Consulting was able to make great strides. An honor to work with such a great team.

Health & Wellness blog

We sometimes venture out of our comfort zone to help clients we believe in. Smallworld beauty is a great inspiration to its thousands of readers.

What Client’s Say